Sep 03

Day 1 video of the newest member of the Murff family, Cooper James Murff.

You can also download the video, then watch it on your pc.
Low Def (4MB)
Standard Def (360p 50MB)
High Def (720p 150)

Jul 10

Signs that sprint is on its way out the door.

Sprint outsources network to Ericsson | Wireless – CNET News.

Feb 27

I’m guessing this story isn’t too far from the truth in Cash4Gold’s payouts.

Jan 14

Georgia might have Sunday alcohol sales soon.  According to the AJC poll attached to this article 94% of AJC readers want Sunday alcohol sales.   Would make my Falcons tailgating easier when I forget to buy beer the night before.

Backers of Sunday alcohol sales line up heavyweight support |

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